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Services inlcude:

  • Consultation/Evaluation
  • Individual Therapy
  • Social Skills Training
  • Family Therapy
  • ADHD Testing and Behavioral Interventions
  • Psychological Assessment
  • Medical Consultation
  • Parent Training on behavior management strategies

PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL SERVICES WILL BE PROVIDED VIA TELEHEALTH ONLY. If I feel your child's needs would be better served by face to face services, I will assist you in locating an appropriate referral.

Parenting can often be very difficult; For a child or teenager - so can growing up. When families go through challenging times, it is not uncommon to sometimes wonder if things will ever get better again. It's also not uncommon for family members to feel as if they have tried everything, yet nothing seems to make the situation better. If you have a child you believe may be experiencing difficulties (developmentally, emotionally, academically, or behaviorally), you owe it to your child and to yourself to have it checked out by a specialist. Whatever your child and family is going through -problems in school, depression, strained communication between each other, the death of a family member, a medical illness, behavioral issues etc. - I am here to show you, through a team approach, there's hope. Whatever I can do to help you learn, laugh and stand strong as a parent, I'm willing. I consider parental involvement to be a crucial component of every child's treatment. From the first session, parents are relied upon for information concerning their child's development, behavior, relationships, and habits and they are closely consulted regarding the goals of treatment. I view the parents (or guardians) as my partners in the treatment process and rely upon them to provide critical feedback regarding the effectiveness of our interventions as they are developed and implemented.

I serve children and adolescents through 21 years of age on either a short or a long-term basis depending upon the presenting issues and the goals of treatment that we set together.

In short-term psychotherapy, I utilize an approach which can be described as active and directive. I work to help you solve current problems and reduce overall stress, by teaching you and your child skills and strategies to reduce symptoms and improve functioning. I view you as the parent/guardian, as an important part of the treatment process, and will always ensure you are aware of what we are working on/what progress is made, teach you the skills I teach your child, and ask you for your feedback on an ongoing basis. The length of treatment using this short-term approach is typically 6-10 sessions. Many specific problems can be appropriately addressed in this period of time. Some problems may require longer-term psychotherapy such as the death of a close family member, or longstanding trouble with depression.

You may be asking yourself the question, how do I know whether short-term or long-term treatment for my child is needed? While you may not know which type of treatment your child or family needs, you are probably aware of how long you all have been dealing with the issue that you want to resolve. And while many factors determine how short or long treatment will be, one of the best indicators of how much time it will take to resolve a particular issue is simply how much time has gone by since your child/famliy began struggling with the issue. Typically, an issue with a short history (up to only a few years or so) is probably able to be resolved using a short-term treatment approach. An issue with a long history (from several years to perhaps many years) will probably respond best to a long-term treatment approach.